Dental diagnostics is a challenging task for practitioners across the entire dental industry. The ability to accurately diagnose dental imaging greatly depends on dentists’ experience, attention, equipment, work environment and academic background.

ORCA Dental AI’s decision-support system assists practitioners with diagnostic tasks, automatically detecting and highlighting clinical findings and facilitating faster and more accurate diagnoses.

ORCA envisions a world where intelligent algorithms detect and classify such findings. Pointing out deviations from natural anatomy will allow providers to identify pathologies that might otherwise go overlooked during independent image analysis.

Automated and Instant
Caries Detection

ORCA Dental AI offers an innovative caries detection solution that can read multiple image sources, including bitewings, panoramic films and periapical scans.

When paired together, these images are used by ORCA Dental AI to provide comprehensive insight of the patient’s dental condition. Our users receive an immediate, complete and accurate report of findings, enabling the identification and annotation of patients’ caries.

With ORCA’s caries detection algorithm, practitioners can be alerted of findings that are often overlooked, especially when operating on a tight schedule.


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