For over 20 years, ORCA has been investing in research and development to create highly sophisticated, market-leading machine learning and AI technologies for the dental marketplace.

ORCA originally began as CephX, a superior provider of cloud-based cephalometric analysis services to global customers. Due to the success of CephX’s original algorithm and the realization that the entire dental industry is in need of such services, ORCA Dental AI was established, and CephX became our first leading brand.

Built around CephX’s experience, an extensive and comprehensive database of annotated imagery, and the experience and expertise of thousands of dental specialists, ORCA teaches computers how to analyze and diagnose dental pathologies and clinical findings.

ORCA’s solutions are used and trusted by thousands of dental practitioners worldwide as well as the leading manufacturers of dental imaging systems.


ORCA Dental AI’s management team holds extensive experience in the oral health field, along with AI and machine learning technologies. ORCA is led by an experienced board of entrepreneurs, veteran dental specialists, and dental imaging experts.

Daniel Abraham
Founder & President

As the founder and president of ORCA Dental AI, Daniel shares over 20 years of experience in founding and leading technological companies. Daniel leads the vision and strategy of the company towards a future in which AI is dominant. Prior to founding ORCA Dental AI, Daniel founded CephX, ReKoverr and BitShakers. Daniel holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the Academic College of Tel-Aviv Yaffo in Israel, and an MBA from IDC Herzliya.

Chen Porat
VP Sales & Marketing

Chen holds over 25 years of management, business and marketing experience in varied technology fields, ranging from healthcare to clean tech. Chen started his professional career in the clean tech, water treatment and water filtration industry, focusing on international marketing, sales and business development.
For the past 20 years Chen has been managing companies in the healthcare, biotech and pharma industry, during which he co-founded three healthcare companies and co-wrote several patents

Zeev Avraham BW
Dr. Zeev Abraham DMD, MS, MSEdm, MSc
Dave Grove BW
Dr. Dave Grove DMD, MS, MSEdm, MSc
Harry Schweiden BW
Dr. Harry Schweidan DMD, Implantology Expert
David Richardson BW
David Richardson MBA, LLC
Dr_Marc_Cooper BW
Dr. Marc Cooper DDS
Wael Att
Prof. Att Wael DDS, Dr. Med Dent, PhD
Industry Experts Committee
Amnon Leitner BW
Amnon Leitner
Rafi Romano
Rafi Romano DMD, MSc
Ronald Redmond BW
W. Ronald Redmond DDS, MS, FACD
George Antonopoulos STC in Eline System, CEO of ADOME, COO of FN Orthodontics

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