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with the power of AI

ORCA Dental AI’s mission is to provide dental practitioners of all disciplines with the tools they need to make a breakthrough in patient care.

ORCA combines clinical expertise with machine learning and AI technologies to create diagnostic reports, treatment plan suggestions and smart clinical predictions that assist users across the entire dental value chain. Orthodontists, prosthodontists and periodontists can all benefit from the ORCA platform and the data it provides.

ORCA also provides services to dental software companies and dental imaging system providers, offering them data layers on CBCT, panoramics, cephalometrics and intraoral scans, among others.


ORCA provides a wide range of AI-based imaging solutions in several categories:

The Contribution
of ORCA to AI in Dentistry 

ORCA’s AI-based algorithms are designed to enhance the quality of everyday dental care, adding practical value and instantly delivering comprehensive reports to our partners and customers.

We are dedicated to continuously advancing the automation of radiological imagery diagnostics using machine learning and to providing more reliable treatment planning procedures across the various dental disciplines.

Additionally, we provide objective, algorithm-based second opinions derived from the professional experience and clinical expertise of thousands of practitioners worldwide. ORCA aims to curb the volatility of subjective human decision making by providing a clinical point of view that previously has not been possible within traditional practice settings.



Dental imagery interpretation and accurate treatment planning are some of the most crucial skills an oral health specialist must master. And yet, they remain to be some of the most difficult skills to develop, especially when much of the imagery isn’t clearly visible to the naked eye.

This is precisely where ORCA excels, providing a layer of information that is effortlessly accessible to practitioners.

Market Leading Detection & Analyzing Capabilities

Our detection and analysis capabilities are the best in the field, with a proven 99.7% success rate, saving clinicians valuable time and effort while improving efficiency, profitability and treatment outcomes and reducing medico-legal risks.

Our Algorithms

The algorithms developed by ORCA combine data derived from the work and knowledge of thousands of specialists and are based on hundreds of thousands of cases.

The User Experience

We are the only intelligent AI dental company in the industry to provide patented pre-treatment diagnosis and analysis of dental imaging with visual treatment recommendations, which are all performed automatically, instantly and accurately.


ORCA supports all dental imaging sources, including 2D and 3D radiography and intraoral scans. Furthermore, the platform meets regulatory patient protection and privacy standards, allowing safe and secure use of ORCA’s services.

We Are Integrated

ORCA is integrated with several of the leading imaging system providers, allowing an immediate layer of data to be presented instantly after the image acquisition. ORCA aims to make the instant combination of image acquisition with image interpretation a standard in dentistry.

Largest Dental Database

ORCA has accrued a massive and unique dataset, which is the fundamental premise of our AI-based algorithms. ORCA has the ability to meet the huge challenges of cleaning, sorting and annotating data, allowing an unprecedented level of prediction accuracy.


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