Every day ORCA helps thousands of orthodontic practitioners worldwide by streamlining their cephalometric and imaging requirements with the power of artificial intelligence (AI). AI allows ORCA to provide immediate and accurate cephalometric analyses, saving clinicians precious time and money without compromising on quality. Furthermore, ORCA provides an array of diagnostic and analytic solutions that improve the quality of treatment planning and outcomes.

Automated and Instant
on the basis of x-rays or CBCT scans

ORCA’s ceph-tracing algorithms can instantaneously provide a custom tracing and ceph analysis report.

With an immediate cephalometric analysis, orthodontic practitioners can construct their patients’ treatment plans accurately and effortlessly and start orthodontic treatment immediately, as early as the first consultation.

ORCA’s seamless cephalometric tracing and analysis service helps practitioners achieve greater treatment efficiency and productivity, leading to improved patient care. Patients benefit from superior quality treatment, while practitioners enjoy reduced risk and increased revenue.

Automated and Instant
Teeth Segmentation

With ORCA’s revolutionary technologies, practitioners can now receive an automatically generated STL file of the segmented teeth and bone structures from a CBCT file.

This technology is the first of its kind and enables a wide variety of previously unavailable applications, contributing to more predictable and accurate outcomes.

This truly is a game changer in the industry.